Friday, March 6, 2015

Mongols and the Barbarian Empires

The Mongols changed the world. This group of pastoralists showed the world that you didn't have to agriculturalists to be advanced and powerful. The Mongols created modern Russia through interaction with the princes at Moscow. At the decline of the Yuan Dynasty (the Mongol Empire in China), they were the receiving end of the first use of firearms that had any impact on world history.  

Goal: Explain the impact of the Mongols on economic and political systems in the late Post-Classical.


The discussion piece introduces the Mongols and how they interact with others. This resource has images, secondary source excerpts, and questions for reflection. I project it on the screen and zoom in on the parts as we discuss, which is led through cues and questions.

The Khanate

Students watch this Crash Course video and make notes about the Mongol government structure. Consider what makes the empire success with trade and how jobs are assigned.

End of the Yuan, Rise of the Ming

The Red Turban was a peasant group that revolted against the Mongols in Nanjing, beginning the decline of the Yuan and ushering in the Ming Dynasty. The plague was hard on the population, which made the peasants seek to overthrow the Mongol rule in China.

This slide presentation is only for review. It contains no new critical content.

DBQ Assessment

The previous lesson comparing the knights and samurais was practice for this assessment. Students were given the DBQ without the background essay to complete the DBQ quiz worksheet.

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