Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Post-Classical Africa

Africa in the Post-Classical period is characterized by its golden age, brought on by the effects of the Bantu migration, the spread of Islam, and the intensification of trade on the Swahili coast. 

The Bantu Migration
The Bantu-speaking peoples of West Africa migrated East and South between 1500 BCE. As they moved, they came into contact with new environments and people, bringing knowledge of animal herding, metal working, and agriculture. The Bantu used technology to alter the landscape and societies.

AP Connection: As people move to new environments, they bring language, technology, and plants and animals, altering the new people and places they contact. 

Other Example: Polynesian Migration

Remind message: I sent a basic image showing the migation routes along with a question. Which way did they go? (or something like that). A better question would be: Which way did they not go?

Ibn Battuta

Since spread of Islam and the expanding view of the world are themes in the Post-Classical, Ibn Battuta is a good choice to learn about how people of different cultures perceived on another.

We focused on a reading selection that describes his visit to the kingdom of Mali and the customs and interactions of the people. This is a powerful source considering the impact of Islam on the development of West African kingdoms and how Islam was similar and different in new places as opposed to its Arabian homeland.

I mentioned the Marco Polo's journeys provided a similar value in terms of what different cultures new about one another.

Mansa Musa DBQ

This DBQ is a mini-Q that has journal activities. Like Ibn Battuta, students are traveling in Africa. The only difference is that they have documents that relate to Mansa Musa's hajj, which didn't iuclude Ibn Battuta.

The purpose of the scenarios related to each document are to help students practice developing context and interpreting the documents. I had students include at least one fact from the document as they wrote the short journal entry (one or two sentences).

We watched this Crash Course and reviewed the slides below before taking a Plickers quiz. The DBQ activity is part of a skill-building cycle that will be assessed at the end of the unit.

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